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(is my boyfriend...)

(sorry ladies...)

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Created on 2009-05-04 20:59:39 (#283005), last updated 2012-01-01 (298 weeks ago)

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Name:is my boyfriend
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Hi and welcome to BOYFRIEND, your friendly, neighborhood claiming community. Well, it doesn't really mean you're only allowed to claim pretty little boys, you can also claim pretty little girls as your girlfriend!

1. Only 1 (one) claim per user. As usual, first come, first serve. If you decide to switch journals, please notify us ASAP so we can update our post and you can still retain your claim.
2. Please check out the claims list before anything else.
3. Journals must stay active in order for you to still claim your claim (get it?), also post your claim anywhere in your journal. Intro post, bio, f.o post, etc for pimpage to the next level.

Claiming: simple enough, subject header must be "My boyfriend is...", please also tag your fandoms (eg: fandom: (your fandom here)) for easy reference and you're done! Also, please wait for the mods to approve of your claim; it's approved when the "*claimed" tag is lifted. :)

Dropping: to drop claims, put the phrase: "Sorry, sorry...". When dropping, state your prior claim and add the tag %dropping. You can also claim another one in the same post, be sure to follow the rule on top about tagging.

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boyfriend, claims, fanboy, fandom, fangirl, i dun liek ur girlfriend, ur boifran
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